About HealthyStylist :Navtej Kohli MD

Bringing you exclusive day health dose for making the life better than more before. A number of health Specialist of Navtej Kohli, MD comes up with new Ideas, tips & updates, HealthyStylist giving the space for exploring the health issue and new treatments comes into the world.

Navtej Kohli
Navtej Kohli


Now the people across the world are believing in Organic food & the Yoga but many times irregularities due to daily work pressure or busyness sometime return back with a fever or a disease. Here our experts know your lifestyle very well that why attaching a big snapshot of the daily routine and health issues. Also, you can get the latest surgery news, medicine and other innovative ideas.

Navtej Kohli is well known MD and a chain of health supplier, a number cities you can see the outlets of this chain. In the 2010 We launched first health portal which gives the information about all diseases. If you want to explore more join us on the Linkedin or follow us on the twitter. Also watch our presentation on the Ustream.tv